what is big brain?

Big Brain is the first Advanced Deep Learning AI Data Scientist solution that dramatically improves predictive customer insight beyond what is possible with human data scientists and machine learning.

Big Brain Makes AI Practical for Large-scale
Enterprise Data Science Projects

Big Data Creates the Fuel for AI

The exponential growth of Big Data creates both the need and fuel for AI. Big Brain excels in environments with large data amounts, which give it the quantities required maximize AI data models.

GPU-Accelerated Computing

Big Brains uses GPUs rather than CPUs to perform computations, which speeds the execution of machine instructions and produces rapid response times for pattern matching.

Advanced Deep Learning

Big Brain uses Deep Learning algorithms with a cascade of many layers of nonlinear processing units for feature extraction and transformation. Big Brian's algorithms are both supervised and unsupervised for superior pattern analysis and classification.

What does Big Brain do?

Big Brain creates Expert AIs by intelligently selecting and optimizing supervised and unsupervised algorithms in Deep Learning Neural Networks running on a parallel processing GPU architecture. Expert AIs apply ideal algorithms to micro-segmented behavior data from millions of customers to identify new predictive patterns in real-time, with accuracy not previously possible.

What is the Advantage of
Big Brain?

Big Brain is purpose-fit to address the biggest, most complex, most variable problems in a global business over a long horizon. Big Brain can identify:

  • Patterns without instructions from humans
  • Non-linear patterns
  • Patterns with thousands of variables

How does Big Brain work?

Razorthink Big Brain has the intelligence, speed and capacity necessary to move Big Data analytics projects into production - even those that have been stuck in pilots or are not feasible using human data scientists or machine learning.

Big Brain takes the load off data scientists by automatically selecting, testing and tuning the optimal models and system configurations. Users simply interact with Big Brain through voice recognition, text or viewing models within the Command Center, which tells users what the AI did, and why it did it.


    Users communicate with Big Brain through a voice and text recognition UI, which provides insight into the business problem.

  • Data Optimizer

    The Data Optimizer Integrates, refines and intelligently encodes the data. Data is formulated into tensors for AI data modeling.

  • Model Optimizer

    Big Brain selects the ideal model and tunes the parameters and hyper-parameters for each model through the Model Optimizer, which uses a 20 data model architecture with up to 30 hyper-parameters per model (1 unvigintillion possible model combinations).

  • Deployment Optimizer

    The Deployment Optimizer tells you how to configure the system in terms of number of services, amount of storage, software needed, etc. based on the task it has been assigned. It also computes data parallelization and model parallelization.

  • Advanced Deep Learning Neural Networks

    Big Brain uses Deep Neural Networks to identify patterns in feeds of activity in real-time using a combination of supervised and unsupervised models.

  • Command Center

    A visual, interactive UI allows Big Brain to display the models it built with explanations of how/why they were created.