Customer Expert AIs

For companies with millions of customers interacting from a multitude of
channels every minute, it has been impossible to predict their needs in
real-time – until now.

Using Machine Superintelligence, Razorthink Customer Expert
AIs are specially formulated and continually optimized to
perform specific Data Science tasks faster and with higher
accuracy than possible with humans or
using machine learning.


Delivers New Insights from Behavior Patterns

Microsegment AI groups customers based on complex and long-standing behavior patterns combined with demographic information using the speed of GPU-accelerated computing and the non-linear flexibility of Deep Learning Neural Networks. Behavior-driven microsegments provide companies with new insights and become the basis for predictive insights and prescriptive recommendations.


Identifies Churners with High Accuracy

Churn AI identifies churners in real-time with high accuracy based on real-time behavior patterns and demographic information. Churn AI predicts whether customer microsegments will cancel a subscription, stop using a product/service, or respond to a competitive offer. By identifying churners well in advance, companies have time to take actions that will change outcomes.


Maximizes Sales through Precisely Targeted Campaigns

Increase sales by precisely targeting customers who will respond positively to upsell offers. Upsell AI predicts which customer microsegments have a high propensity for upsell and cross-sell offers, which gives marketers the opportunity to maximize sales through highly targeted campaigns. Upsell AI prescribes specific marketing campaigns for customer microsegments, which increases sales, lowers marketing costs an improves customer satisfaction.


Dynamically Measures Campaign Effectiveness

Campaign Effectiveness AI uses customer behavior to dynamically measure and track the effectiveness of individual campaigns delivered to customer Microsegments. Visual metrics and dynamic measurement tracking give marketers an instant way to evaluate and optimize campaigns.