Data Analytics and Machine Learning in Health Care

Use RZT aiOS to personalize patient care, reduce costs, and improve outcomes

The health care industry comes with unmatched demands for regulations and services. With the right artificial intelligence (AI) tools, you can manage patient data with complete compliance. With RazorThink, you can find AI solutions in health care with our comprehensive operating system.

AI Machine Learning
Operating System for Health Care

At RazorThink, we’ve developed the RZT aiOS to elevate artificial intelligence in health care. With this end-to-end operating system, your data engineers can access a comprehensive AI solution with designing, training, testing and deployment capabilities. Change AI concepts into operational realities for your health care facility — and do so in record time.

RZT aiOS has an integrated development environment (IDE) that supports various machine learning processes. Build your model with visual assistance, seamlessly explore your data and create organized processing pipelines. In training and testing stages, run experiments, troubleshoot problems and receive operational analytics and explanations for processes.

In a world where compliance is critical, health care computing needs complete oversight. With RZT aiOS, you have explainability, traceability, measurement and retraining to give you all-inclusive AI models.

Enhance quality patient care

Aggregate and analyze patient history information to determine best care practices on an individual level.  You can also use Natural Language Processing (NLP) solutions to extract data from unstructured text.

Improve care delivery efficiency

Use the best AI capabilities, including ML, AutoML and DL with explainability can help you predict bed use, prevent patient readmission and manage other daily operations.

Prevent fraud

With anomaly detection models, you can examine claims, billing and behavioral data to determine suspicious activity such as identity theft and unnecessary treatments

Validate AI models for compliance

With the extensive regulations in the health care industry, our operating system makes validation simple. With total automation, access all model versions and source data for compliance audits.

What You Get With RazorThink

When your health care organization works with RazorThink, you can experience the benefits of our service and innovative operating system. RZT aiOS comes with:

  • A single, end-to-end system for total oversight and collaboration.
  • A complete AI toolkit for your IT experts, including advanced automation and revision with ML, autoML and DL.
  • RazorThink software development kit, graphical user interface (UI) and IDE for creating custom code and forming models to preexisting configurations.

For financial control, we allow you to choose your computing and hosting provider, and we’ll integrate our operating system (OS) with any existing and future AI tools to help you retain your investment.

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