July 05, 2018
Razorthink published in AI Informed

Thank AI for Helping Make Your Summer Vacation Awesome!

Your summer vacation is being run behind the scenes with Artificial Intelligence, even if you aren’t aware of it, and you can thank this technology for many moments when your needs are preemptively met along the way.  For example, AI is now being used to predict travel preferences, complete plane, hotel, and transportation bookings, and personalize the management of pre-trip, in-trip, and post-trip needs.

AI is not only used to enhance the travel experience, it also makes travel more accessible and consistent, resulting in better service, enhanced experiences, and improved customer satisfaction. As travel planning goes increasingly mobile, AI  can deliver intimately tailored travel experiences. Developments in this type of automation, predictive analysis, and implementable interaction are positioned to completely change the travel game.

Examples of AI in Travel

  • Dutch airline KLM is using AI to handle up to 50% of the company’s social media inquiries.
  • The Dorchester Collection hotel chain introduced customizable options to their breakfast menu after analyzing guest reviews using AI technology.
  • Renowned travel app Lola has combined AI with human agents to provide assistance for hotel bookings, flight schedules and advice on restaurants for users of Android devices and Apple iPhones.

AI is directly affecting the way travel is managed and delivered and transforming the standard of service provided to consumers. Conversational apps factor intent and context into each conversation, making interactions as human as possible and providing split second answers to inquiries thanks to vast archives of data.

Users can already compare travel options and budgets, quickly make and cancel bookings, and may soon be able to move fluidly through airport processes with enhanced customer service thanks to AI and facial recognition technology, which can streamline processes at customs, borders, and checkpoints without painstaking document scrutiny.

The same technology ensures that the experience remains positive throughout multiple points, including cruises and multi-stop international trips when being able to seamlessly move through each transition is simplified with trusted, reliable traveler data.

Retailers can piggyback on this revolutionizing of travel, constructing recommendation engines which build picture perfect profiles of each traveler and provide real time suggestions and offerings to make the travel experience even better.AI technology helps drive conversion rates and boost customer loyalty, with integration improving the accuracy of both processes and outcomes.