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In many organizations, enterprise AI has evolved as a series of one-off projects, often siloed in one area of the company or even as a skunkworks effort. Alternatively, organizations might purchase custom AI solutions from specialized developers. In both scenarios, the scientists, engineers, and analysts creating AI have had to cobble together multiple tools and point approaches, as well as AI and IT infrastructures, to craft a complete solution. Often missing is the project control that comes from a single, integrated view of enterprise-wide AI development.

RazorThink founder and CTO Nandu Nandakumar, Ph.D. (Carnegie Mellon), created a powerful, AI-oriented operating system, the RZT aiOS, to address these important data science issues. His focus has been on building a single AI enterprise software Operating System that enables development, management, work sharing, governance, infrastructure management, and systemization of AI within the organization.

Just as the Apple iOS and Google Android operating systems revolutionized the mobile phone industry, RZT aiOS introduces a revolutionary operating system that delivers on the promise of unifying AI in the enterprise and across entire industries

The RZT aiOS brings order to the AI frontier along with new capabilities, new user benefits, and new support for the enterprise business user:

Unlock the value AI brings to the enterprise

You want AI solutions that give you a strategic competitive advantage and add value in your enterprise, and that reach your market fast. The RazorThink Operating System for AI helps enterprises achieve their AI goals in ways unimaginable until now. Unleash the power of your AI teams with RZT aiOS.

With RZT aiOS, you can streamline your business’s AI processes and manage integrations all in one place. Our product is far more than a platform for enterprises — it’s a means for you to completely integrate and manage all of your AI initiatives. RZT aiOS offers groundbreaking advantages that can transform the AI side of your business in as little as a few weeks.

Solve your most complicated business problems with RazorThink aiOS

RZT aiOS introduces the first Deep Learning (DL) comprehensive visual model builder. It incorporates all forms of AI and is suited for the most difficult tasks involving unstructured data, Internet data sources, and multiple internal and external data sets. Once unsolvable problems can now be addressed, and RZT aiOS, with DL explainability, makes solving these business problems possible.

Today many of the easy problems have been solved by ML and autoML. The most difficult and high-impact business problems enterprises face now are big, messy, and impossible to solve with these AI tools. However, RZT aiOS offers a breakthrough solution to common AI problems through an advanced, user-friendly AI Operating System.

With RZT aiOS, you can simplify how you handle complex business problems in a single space. Our enterprise AI software will give you the ability to create models, processing pipelines, experiments, and much more for your business.

Get your AI to market faster with artificial intelligence enterprise software

Today the average custom AI model takes over six months from conception to deployment. But with the RazorThink aiOS deployed in your enterprise, your AI models can be working for you in a few short weeks — even a few days.

That’s what your world looks like when your AI team is using the RazorThink aiOS: You’re driving revenue while your competitors are still heads down in planning. With our AI enterprise software, you’ll have the tools and insights you need to build, test, and adjust your custom AI models in a single place.

Easily import your current AI tools and AI models

Protect your AI assets and legacy investments with RZT aiOS.

If your enterprise AI assets need to be imported into RZT aiOS, that’s no problem. Your AI models and legacy tools can be imported into the operating system for seamless implementation. Designed for easy integration with your current AI business solutions, our AI enterprise operating system requires minimal downtime.

Just like that, and you’ll be up and running today.
Rapid and flexible experiments with complete history and traceability

Speed to experiment is an additional benefit of having a single automated operating system, as well as complete history and traceability. RZT aiOS can automate and track data and feature management as well as model training to enable ML, AutoML, and Intelligent DL services—and deliver true data value across your enterprise much faster.

Easy import of your current AI models and AI tools

You can protect your AI assets and legacy investments with RZT aiOS. Our program enables you to import your AI models and legacy tools into the operating system for seamless implementation. There’s very little delay with this process. You’re up and running as soon as you’ve imported the data you need.

Unify AI across the enterprise and industries

Having one operating system for the entire enterprise that includes all of your current and future AI models and tools is a game changer for the enterprise. It liberates your AI from dependence on multiple siloed individual point solutions and vendors. It also enables data and AI model sharing within industries when it’s advantageous for the enterprise.

Having your AI team on the same page is critical for pushing enterprise AI software models forward. With RZT aiOS, you can create and monitor all your business’s AI initiatives in a centralized location. Plus, you can automate a variety of tasks for optimal enterprise performance — it’s that easy with our AI business solutions.

Ensure your AI models run at peak performance

The RazorThink aiOS is a proven comprehensive end-to-end system for building and managing AI models and development tools, and it reduces your risk by automatically maintaining your deployed AI models at peak performance.

Do you need to develop new AI models without slowing down your existing processes? We can help you do just that. RZT aiOS will automate your AI integrations while granting you the freedom to build and test new enterprise AI models as needed.

Allow easy validation and approval of AI models

Versioning is automated, so you always have the facts and data Compliance needs for audit: model development history, data provenance, traceability. And RZT aiOS is the first to actively support Deep Learning (DL) explainability.

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a force multiplier for all your AI initiatives.

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