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Change Owner of a Project

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Change Owner of a Project

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Task Description

As an RZT aiOS User or Admin, you use a project to organize and contain all data, Jupyter notebooks, ML and DL models, and pipelines associated with a task. Each project has an owner. This procedure describes how to transfer the ownership of a project to another user.

Roles for performing this task

User, Admin

Task Steps

  • Log in to RZT aiOS as a User or Admin. On the Projects page, click the Menu icon in the top right corner of the panel of the project you want to transfer. Click the Share Project icon  .
  • In the Share Project dialog, in the Invite User field specify the user to whom you want to transfer ownership, and in the Permission field select Owner. Click Share.
  • In the confirmation dialog, click Confirm.
  • The user you specified becomes the owner of the project. Click Done to close the dialog.

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