RazorThink for Agriculture

Use RZT aiOS to improve farm productivity and reduce costs

AI-driven solutions can help agricultural organizations and farmers significantly enhance farm productivity, improve resource management, and reduce costs. AI will have a growing impact on farming and food production, leading to improved yields, access, and nutrition for populations worldwide.

Drive financial innovation
with the RZT aiOS

The RazorThink operating system for AI, RZT aiOS, lets your data scientists and AI engineers and analysts create, train, test, and deploy AI
models in a unified end-to-end system. Transform AI projects into real-world outcomes in record time.

The RZT aiOS provides an intuitive AI development environment that lets you explore data, visually build models, create processing pipelines,
provision and troubleshoot engines, run experiments, and view analytics and explanations. And you need the powerful governance
capabilities of the RZT aiOS to assist in explainability, retraining, measurement, and traceability

Resolve your most complex
business challenges with RZT aiOS

Today many of the easy problems have been solved by ML and AutoML. The most difficult and high-impact business problems that enterprises face now are big, messy, and impossible to approach with these AI tools. RZT aiOS introduces the first Deep Learning (DL) comprehensive visual model builder. It incorporates all forms of AI and is suited for the most difficult tasks involving unstructured data, Internet data sources, and multiple internal and external data sets. Previously unsolvable problems can now be addressed: RZT aiOS, with DL explainability, finally puts solutions to these business problems within reach.

Enhance Farm

Use AI and existing farm production data to identify productivity issues and opportunities for improved performance. Agricultural margins can be razor thin: AI productivity analysis with ML, AutoML, and Intelligent DL can mean the difference between a profitable year and disappointing  performance.

Manage resources, including
equipment and infrastructure

AI and data analytics, along with the extensive information already in your data warehouse, can help you maximize the value of your enormous investment in agricultural land, machinery, and labor.

Enable Precision

Use RZT aiOS Deep Learning (DL) with explainability along with precision mapping and measurement technologies to build AI-driven approaches to making better decisions about data such as field variations for reduced costs and maximum crop and livestock production.

The RazorThink

With the RZT aiOS your agricultural organization gains the RazorThink Advantage:

  • Access to intelligent systems and processes, including ML, AutoML, and Intelligent DL, for rapid tuning and automation: a complete AI toolbox for the data scientist and AI engineer or analyst.
  • Support for your existing and future AI tools and models—none of your investment is lost.
  • The RazorThink IDE, SDK, and graphical UI, to let you create your models from pre-built components—yours or ours—or create custom code.
  • A single system for your entire team, so you have end-to-end process visibility and governance.
  • Freedom to choose your hosting and engine computing provider to optimize infrastructure costs.

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