AI in Banking and Financial Services

Use RZT aiOS to unlock customer opportunities and transform your bottom line

In banking and finances, the intricacies of daily operations lend themselves to artificial intelligence (AI). Machine learning (ML) in finance is a powerful tool, and it requires thorough governance to support industry regulations and high influxes of data. At RazorThink, we offer a comprehensive operating system for AI modeling to change the way you handle your financial operations.

Machine Learning for Financial Services

RZT aiOS meets the needs of financial AI processes in a single, end-to-end operating system. Your data engineers and IT experts can follow the entire AI modeling process from creating and training to testing and deploying. Turn powerful AI concepts into realities with undeniable speed.

RazorThink’s operating system fosters an ideal setting for data exploration and visual model building. RZT aiOS allows you to manage data pipelines, run project experiments, troubleshoot engine kinks and view comprehensive analytics. Support explainability, measurement and traceability and retrain your AI project as often as you need.

Resolve Complex Financial Challenges with AI and RZT aiOS

While automated machine learning has solved simple problems in significant enterprise operations, it hasn’t approached the complicated issues of high-impact businesses. AI for financial services is powerful yet limited.

The RZT aiOS is the first to introduce a Deep Learning (DL) visual model builder. Using all AI forms, it’s prepared to handle the difficult tasks surrounding unstructured data, internet data sources and multiple internal and external data sets. Deep Learning in financial services can change the way you approach the seemingly impossible. With aiOS and artificial intelligence in financial services, you can:

Mitigate risk

Create anomaly detection models to catch threats before they happen. Prevent fraud, identity theft and malicious viruses by spotting and responding to suspicious behaviors.

Personalize services

Use AI data analysis to leverage customer data and understand individual needs. Build long-lasting relationships with every client using the power of data.

Improve operational efficiency

Create complex models with RZT aiOS Deep Learning explainability to manage your financial processes with ease. Predict customer profitability and risk, identify churn rate and optimize asset location and detect system failures before they occur.

Enable easy validation and Compliance approval of AI models

Finance comes with high validation and regulation concerns, and aiOS automates all model versioning and source data. Access model development history, data provenance and traceability for compliance audits.

Why RazorThink?

RazorThink and the RZT aiOS provide the resources and system operations your financial institution needs to succeed. We’ll give you access to our extensive AI toolkit and provide support for all current and future models. When you work with us, you get:

  • ML, AutoML and comprehensive DL for rapid tuning and total automation.
  • Integrated development environment, software development kit and graphical user interface (UI).
  • A single operating system for complete governance and visibility.

To help you further personalize your experience, we also allow you to choose your hosting and computing provider to meet your budgetary needs. RazorThink gives you the control you want in your AI operations.

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