RazorThink for Machine Learning in Energy Industry

Use RZT aiOS to unlock asset value, manage risk, and deliver returns

Using artificial intelligence (AI) in the energy development industry is an excellent move for introducing efficiency and allocating revenue. In such a strictly funded industry, resource usage and time management are crucial to success. At RazorThink, our operating system supports AI development for energy industries to maximize operations and minimize costs.

Change Your AI Approach With RZT aiOS

RZT aiOS is RazorThink’s innovative operating system for an enhanced AI model building experience. With this single, end-to-end system, data analysts and IT leaders can quickly create an AI model through every stage of development. From formation to experimentation and deployment, RZT aiOS turns your AI plans into functional realities.

Our operating system incorporates an integrated development environment (IDE) to build AI models visually. The IDE allows you to examine your data and design processing pipelines for operation. You can troubleshoot your engines and run experiments throughout model development to encourage the best deployment possible. Plus, you can view explanations and analytics at any time to understand model processes.

With complete oversight for your modeling process, RZT aiOS supports retraining, measurement, traceability and explainability.

Tackle Challenges in Energy Development with RZT aiOS

Machine learning (ML) for renewable energy industry practices has solved many of the small problems in data management, yet it’s limited in analysis terms. The RZT aiOS extends data analysis capabilities for more significant problem-solving abilities.

RZT aiOS uses the first Deep Learning (DL) visual model builder for comprehensive data interpretation. This DL function has no comprehension boundaries. It can read unstructured or internet-sourced data and manage various external and internal data sets. DL explainability extends AI beyond the standard expectations of ML, eliminating previously unsolvable problems.

With RZT aiOS, you can improve:

Exploration and production

Use AI data analysis to improve recoverable reserve forecasts, analyze exploration data and optimize well spacing and field development.

Midstream and refining

With the help of DL explainability, you can effectively forecast long-term market movements. You can also amplify risk evaluation for enhanced decision-making and asset allocation.

Services and equipment

With increased data analysis, you can improve supply chain management and forecast customer demand to maximize revenue opportunities. You can also make informed decisions about resources to optimize drilling and completion schedules.

Trust RazorThink With Enterprise AI for Energy

When you trust RazorThink for your AI model building, you receive a single operating system with a complete AI toolkit, including:

  • AL, AutoML and DL capabilities.
  • An IDE and software development kit.
  • An easy-to-use graphical user interface (UI).

When you opt for the RZT aiOS, we’ll help you maintain all investments by integrating any current and future AI tools. We also give you the freedom to choose your computing and hosting vendor to align with your infrastructure costs. At RazorThink, we make operating system (OS) adoption easy.

Explore RZT aiOS

Are you ready to discover a new way of data analysis? You can try the RZT aiOS by signing up for our free trial. If you have any questions about our system, reach out to us with your preferred contact method.