RazorThink for the Manufacturing Industry

Use RZT aiOS to meet manufacturing challenges head-on

Artificial intelligence (AI) in manufacturing is a dynamic tool for data management. Use AI to transform processes and improve your bottom line with an excellent understanding of product quality and demand. With RazorThink, you can innovate even further.

Using RZT aiOS for
AI in Manufacturing

The RazorThink operating system for AI, RZT aiOS, lets your data scientists and AI engineers and analysts create, train, test, and deploy AI models in a unified end-to-end system. Transform AI projects into real-world manufacturing outcomes in record time.

The RZT aiOS provides an intuitive AI development environment that lets you explore data, visually build models, create processing pipelines, provision and troubleshoot engines, run experiments, and view analytics and explanations. And you need the powerful governance capabilities of the RZT aiOS to assist in explainability, retraining, measurement, and traceability.

RZT aiOS Helps Manufacturers Solve Complex Challenges

Machine learning (ML) in manufacturing has made great strides in data management and analysis, but it’s still limited on its own. With a constant flow of information in manufacturing processes, AI needs further complexity. RZT aiOS includes Deep Learning (DL) capabilities to enhance that data analysis experience.

The DL visual model builder has stronger data interpretation abilities than standard AI. It incorporates all AI forms to read every type of data, whether it’s internet-sourced or unstructured. If your operation has various internal and external data sets, DL abilities can analyze them with accuracy. Once unsolvable problems become simple processes with the RZT aiOS.

In manufacturing, you can use this operating system (OS) to:

Forecast demand

Manufacturing requires a thorough understanding of supply needs to meet customer demands. With AI for manufacturing companies, you can create demand prediction based on current data, allowing you to hit the supply mark every time. Reduce waste and improve customer satisfaction as well.

Optimize scheduling

Staying on track with deadlines is a crucial aspect of operational efficiency. Use your operational data to meet tight deadlines and maximize resources.

Maintain quality

Continually track product quality to detect and fix issues before they become problems. Use AI predictive maintenance for manufacturing lines to keep machinery in good shape and reduce downtime.

RazorThink Supports Your AI Goals

When you use the RZT aiOS, we’ll support and integrate all current and future AI tools to ensure you don’t lose any investments. We provide the OS to every member of your team for complete collaboration and allow you to choose your computing and hosting vendor for budgetary purposes.

With RZT aiOS, you get:

  • A complete AI toolset, including ML, AutoML and DL.
  • An IDE and software development kit for intuitive building.
  • A graphical user interface (UI) for easy use.

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