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Use RZT aiOS to improve marketing effectiveness and drive sales

Use AI and data-powered technology to build a clearer picture of your target audience, to enable precision targeted marketing, to drive sales, and to increase customer loyalty. With AI you can know your customer in greater detail than ever before and tailor your messages for maximum impact.

RZT aiOS – Refresh Machine Learning and Marketing Automation

At RazorThink, our intelligent operating system — RZT aiOS — challenges the way you view AI model building. With this end-to-end system, data analysts, IT leaders and AI engineers can explore the entire model building process with ease. Design your AI model, train it for operation, test it for accuracy and deploy it once the process is complete. You can make your AI model idea a reality in no time.

With an integrated development environment (IDE), RZT aiOS has all the intuitive operations you need to create a functional AI model. With visual building, data exploration and pipeline creation, you have complete control over the development process. Run experiments, view explanations and analytics, and troubleshoot engines during the testing process.

Offering complete governance, the RZT aiOS provides explainability, retraining, traceability and measurement.

Conquer Marketing Challenges with RZT aiOS

Machine learning (ML) models for advertising have solved many small problems. RZT aiOS helps you conquer the complex challenges, too. With integrated Deep Learning (DL) capabilities, data analytics reach further than ever.

The DL visual model builder allows you to examine data regardless of origin or complexity. If you have various internal, external, unstructured or internet-based data sets, DL has the skills to interpret it. Address the problems that seemed impossible with DL. RZT aiOS helps you:

Understand marketing attribution and program success

When confronting the world of digital marketing, ML-based marketing attribution is an accurate form of analysis. AI can help you understand the most effective marketing strategies and direct your funds to the right places.

Enhance customer loyalty

AI and data analytics can help you examine your abundance of customer information and gather valuable insights. Understand your churn rate and find ways to retain valuable customers by learning their needs and increasing satisfaction.

Enable effective product recommendation programs

Intelligent DL capabilities allow you to create customized product recommendations for your customers. Use consumer profiles and historical data to design these programs. Upon implementation, enjoy satisfied customers and improved sales.

Receive Reliable Support From RazorThink

RZT aiOS gives you access to a full AI tool set with ML, Auto ML and DL abilities. Give your entire team access to this end-to-end system for model building collaboration. Enjoy the IDE’s intuitive nature and included software development kit, and easily interact with the graphical user interface (UI).

At RazorThink, we understand you may have already invested in AI tools, so we help you integrate all current and future models into our operating system. We also support your financial needs by giving you the freedom to choose your hosting and computing vendor.

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