RazorThink for Professional Services and Systems Integrators

Use RZT aiOS to improve your customer business impact and generate value

For the AI solutions provider, the advantages of a single operating system for AI are many and deep, especially one that includes a simple component-driven model-building UI; current and future AI tools including ML, AutoML, and Intelligent DL; full end-to-end process visibility and governance; and fastest speed to experiment for all of your models.

Drive AI innovation and customer satisfaction with the RZT aiOS

The RazorThink operating system for AI, RZT aiOS, lets your data scientists and AI engineers and analysts create, train, test, and deploy AI models in a unified end-to-end system. Transform AI projects into real-world outcomes in record time.

The RZT aiOS provides an intuitive AI development environment that lets you explore data, visually build models, create processing pipelines, provision and troubleshoot engines, run experiments, and view analytics and explanations. And you need the powerful governance capabilities of the RZT aiOS to assist in explainability, retraining, measurement, and traceability.

Resolve your most complex business challenges with RZT aiOS

Today many of the easy problems have been solved by ML and AutoML. The most difficult and high-impact business problems that enterprises face now are big, messy, and impossible to approach with these AI tools.

RZT aiOS introduces the first Deep Learning (DL) comprehensive visual model builder. It incorporates all forms of AI and is suited for the most difficult tasks involving unstructured data, Internet data sources, and multiple internal and external data sets. Previously unsolvable problems can now be addressed: RZT aiOS, with DL explainability, finally puts solutions to these business problems within reach.

Build, test, and train models—fast

As a systems integrator and professional services provider to a variety of industries you need to deliver value to your customers fast, and with highest quality standards. The SaaS-based RZT aiOS can help cut your model development time from months to weeks or even days:  astonish your customers with the speed and quality of your AI development capability.

Maintain all your models and tools in one integrated system

RZT aiOS provides the most advanced AI tools and capabilities, including ML, AutoML, and DL with explainability, and lets you store all tools and models you develop in the same integrated system for full access and control. None of your effort, past or future, is ever wasted, and components and models can be reused for maximum value at minimum cost.

Gain full process visibility

For highest efficiency you need visibility into every step of the model-building process, across your business. Because RazorThink provides a single, unified operating system for all of your tools, models, activity logs, and versioning, you can view and measure the progress of any of your AI projects at any time, for optimal cost control and revenue opportunity.

The RazorThink Advantage

With the RZT aiOS your professional services organization gains the RazorThink Advantage:

  • Access to intelligent systems and processes, including ML, AutoML, and Intelligent DL, for rapid tuning and automation: a complete AI toolbox for the data scientist and AI engineer or analyst.
  • Support for your existing and future AI tools and models—none of your investment is lost.
  • The RazorThink IDE, SDK, and graphical UI, to let you create your models from pre-built components—yours or ours—or create custom code.
  • A single system for your entire team, so you have end-to-end process visibility and governance.
  • Freedom to choose your hosting and engine computing provider to optimize infrastructure costs.

Experience the power of the RZT aiOS