RazorThink’s Deployable AI Products

RZT AI Next Best Action/Product Recommendation

Know what your customers will do next.

 With RazorThink AI you can predict additional purchases at the individual customer level. The specialized RazorThink AI Next Best Action product provides an explanation for each recommendation, which assists Sales and Marketing by using each customer’s behavior and product usage pattern data to derive actionable insights.

RZT AI Inventory Optimization

Dramatically improve your inventory forecasting performance.

 Inventory mistakes are costly. The RZT AI Inventory Optimization product automates and manages your internal planning processes and will significantly outperform your current models. It also saves time in the inventory planning process, allowing focus on higher business value. The system incorporates state-of-the-art forecasting algorithms and is fully adjustable to your needs. For sophisticated analysis the system integrates multiple internal and external data streams, including internal sales data, sell-through data, customer consumption data, website metrics, channel partner data, industry data, marketing history, weather, news, sentiment analysis, social media, and key market influencer data.

RZT AI Sales Planning Optimization

Increase sales by better understanding your customers’ behavior.

RZT AI micro-segmentation unlocks deep and hidden insights into your customers’ actual behavioral data, prior purchase data, and product usage and consumption patterns, to derive insights for use in the selling process.

RZT AI Customer Lifetime Value

Know the lifetime value of each customer.

Assess your customers based on individual behavior and profitability, and learn their lifetime value to your business.

RZT AI Market Micro-segmentation At Scale

Increase sales by knowing what additional items each customer should be buying and why.

  Optimize your selling process with the RZT AI Sales Planning and Account Forecasting product. The product generates individual sales plans customized for each of your sales representative’s accounts, and recommends a full range of appropriate products down to the most granular account level. The system saves significant sales time, allowing focus on higher-value activities. Sales management can access roll-up reports and modify sales forecasts, as well as end-to-end gain visibility into the entire sales organization. Using AI algorithms, the system integrates multiple internal and external data streams such as historical sales data, customer sell-through data, account behavior, similar account behavior, sales channel partners, industry data, weather, and news.

RZT AI Customer Retention and Churn Prediction

Identify existing customers who may churn or fail to renew in a specific time frame.

 Combine the Customer Retention product with the RZT AI Customer Lifetime Value product to better calculate the cost and benefit of retaining each individual customer.

RZT AI Underwriting

Know the probability of an early claim event among underwriting applications.

Identify high-risk prospects and policies. Increase profits and reduce losses. The RZT AI Underwriting product includes an explanation for each recommendation.

RZT AI Creditworthiness

Score potential or existing customers basis on their creditworthiness.

For use in the lending and sales processes. The RZT AI Creditworthiness product includes an explanation for each prediction.

RZT AI IDP for Contracts and Invoices

Find and extract desired information from any document.

Ingest scanned contracts, invoices, forms and documentation, find and extract the required information from the documents, transform the data as needed, and deliver it to the desired location.

RZT AI Assisted Customer Care

Provide CSRs with the right information instantly during customer interactions.

Improves customer satisfaction, and saves time and money. CSRs have a chat interaction with the AI solution, and then the AI solution finds and returns correct answers from multiple procedure documents and data sources.

RZT AI Intelligent Document Processing and Management

Extract unstructured data from any document.

The RZT AI Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) and Management product works with scanned documents, web-based forms, images, and PDFs with greater accuracy than ever before. Utilizing ML and DL, the AI solution performs highly sophisticated identification and analysis of unstructured data, and significantly reduces human involvement.

RZT AI Sentiment Analysis

Uncover powerful insights into market customer satisfaction.

Identifies how to create strong brand loyalty and improved customer experiences. The RZT AI Sentiment Analysis product extracts valuable information for use in multiple areas including marketing, sales, customer service, inventory forecasting, planning, and public relations. Data can be ingested from multiple internal and external sources.

RZT AI Fraud Detection and Prevention

Stop fraud fast with AI anomalous behavior detection for financial services and enterprises.

AI Fraud Detection can be applied to multiple industries and use cases.  It even works with video surveillance of ATMs to identify anomalous behavior. The AI product identifies bad actors and tampering so the ATM can be shut down remotely, limiting losses.

The RazorThink no-code RZT aiOS Platform

Launch new AI solutions in days rather than months

 The RazorThink aiOS solves the AI industry challenges holding you back:  laborious manual coding, incompatible tools, and lack of scalability, governance, collaboration, and visibility into the end-to-end AI development process.The patent-pending RazorThink no-code operating system enables powerful AI application development using pre-built, intelligent code blocks. Re-use RZT code blocks, and build your own intelligent blocks.

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