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As an AI or IT Operations leader, you meet critical challenges:

  • Manage multiple AI tools spanning the end-to-end lifecycle of AI from model development and deployment through production monitoring.
  • Manage unpredictable computing costs and choose the right hosting vendor for your needs and budget.
  • Calculate and manage engine computing resources and their costs.
  • Maintain visibility into end-to-end development and testing processes for optimal resource deployment.
  • Work with shifting personnel availability: when one team member leaves, you need to backfill quickly with little wasted time and effort.
  • Anticipate and avoid process bottlenecks.

The RazorThink aiOS addresses all of these critical challenges and more, and brings order, visibility, and governance to the end-to-end AI process within the enterprise. With a single open operating system featuring end-to-end workflow visibility that ensures consistency, the RazorThink aiOS tracks who is connecting to what databases. It also forecasts the computing resources required to complete projects.

RZT aiOS gives you the freedom to choose your engine compute and storage host providers for optimal cost efficiency.

Your existing AI tools and models can be imported into this new operating system so they can be centrally managed—your total legacy investment is protected and maintained. Governance, access, and resources are managed from the robust RazorThink user interface. With multiple users on the single system at the same time, the RazorThink aiOS gives you visibility and control over your entire AI initiative.

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