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RazorThink introduces RZT aiOS, the Operating System for AI

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In many organizations, enterprise AI has evolved as a series of one-off projects, often siloed in one area of the company or even as a skunkworks effort. Alternatively, organizations purchased custom AI solutions from specialized developers. In both scenarios, the scientists, engineers, and analysts creating AI have had to cobble together multiple tools and point solutions, as well as AI and IT infrastructures, to craft a complete solution. Often missing was the project control that comes from a single, integrated view of enterprise-wide AI development.

Major industry innovation in the
RazorThink aiOS
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Maximize your creativity with a highly flexible user configuration

The RZT aiOS UI puts you in control of your AI environment.  You decide how you want to address each individual AI assignment, including which AI and tools are required, how much automation to use and where it’s applied, and what resources are engaged—people, computing, engines, and hosting.

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DL model builder with a flexible UI

The major innovation introduced by the RZT aiOS is a DL model builder that works in manual (command line) mode, or in graphical UI mode. You can change modes on the fly.

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Powerful IDE and SDK for any AI development

RazorThink aiOS includes ML, AutoML, and Intelligent DL capabilities baked into an integrated development environment (IDE), and featuring a new comprehensive SDK.

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AI infrastructure stack management

With automated end-to-end systems and processes, the RazorThink aiOS manages your AI infrastructure stack and provides the perfect environment for all your AI tools and models, existing and future. With RazorThink you can choose to spend more time doing what you like to do most—designing and building world-class AI—and less time on software engineering and IT.

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Rapid and flexible experiments with complete history and traceability

Speed to experiment is an additional benefit of having a single automated operating system, as well as complete history and traceability. RZT aiOS can automate and track data and feature management as well as model training to enable ML, AutoML, and Intelligent DL services—and deliver true data value across your enterprise much faster.

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Easy import of your current AI models and AI tools

Protect your AI assets and legacy investments with RZT aiOS. Your AI models and legacy tools can be imported into the operating system for seamless implementation. You’re up and running today.

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Versioning with automation

You can decide how you want to track your work and manage version control. The aiOS can be configured to retain a copy of the original data you are working with, and automatically log work steps performed on the data. When you finish a model, it saves your final version for future reference.

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A complete AI toolbox for the data scientist

This powerful operating system is loaded with ML, AutoML, and Intelligent DL that supports explainability, as well as automated versioning, an easy-to-learn graphical UI, and project visibility and governance enterprise-wide.

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Standardized and automated AI lifecycle management across the enterprise

As a Data Scientist or Data Engineer you lead your company’s AI initiatives and manage multiple resources, libraries, and tools. The demands are huge: control the chain of resources required to create the best AI models; and minimize costs while maximizing speed to experiment. RZT aiOS supports you by enabling reusable code and explainable AI projects, and providing end-to-end AI lifecycle management.

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Unparalleled visibility into your AI development processes

RazorThink enterprise management and governance capabilities give you unparalleled visibility into your team’s progress and let you manage access, track versioning, and facilitate updates. And when one team member leaves, another can pick up the task immediately: no effort is wasted.

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Freedom to choose your engine compute and storage host

RZT aiOS is architected to allow the data scientist to run Pipelines on the resources or compute engine of their choice and convenience—for example, Azure, AWS, or even a local setup.

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