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RZT aiOS Basics – Create Projects

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RZT aiOS Basics – Create Projects

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Task Description

As an RZT aiOS User or Admin, you can create a project in RZT aiOS. This procedure describes how to create a project.

The first step in using the RZT iOS is to create a project for the specific task you are performing. All data, Jupyter notebooks, ML and DL models, and pipelines associated with the task are part of the project. You can share the project with others, granting either View or Edit permissions.

The project-based context of RZT aiOS makes collaboration easy across your organization by letting you control sharing and permissions with any user.

Roles for performing this task

User, Admin

Task Steps

  • Log in to RZT aiOS as a User or Admin. On the Projects page, click the plus icon  on the top right corner to create a new project.
  • A project panel is displayed. Specify a name and a brief description of the project. Click the “Create” button. The project is created in RZT aiOS, and project panel is displayed on the main page.

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