Featuring Chris Nicholson

May 2016
The first episode will launch in June and will include an interview with Chris Nicholson, CEO of Skymind, the developer of the open source, deep learning framework DeepLearning4J. In a very interesting interview, Chris lays out the deep learning market with trends, problems faced, and important changes. Then Jack Porter and Dr. Nandu Nandakumar discuss several of the important news announcements in May, including the update to TensorFlow (making it distributed), the announcement of Viv from the Siri team, AlphaGo’s win against Lee Se-dol, and Nvidia’s new GPU chip for deep learning.



dr. nandu nandakumar image

dr. nandu nandakumar

CTO, Razorthink.Inc

Dr. Nandu Nandakumar has over 20 years of experience in analytics and artificial intelligence. He holds a PhD from Carnegie Mellon and has extensive experience in a variety of industries, ranging from pharmaceuticals to manufacturing and energy. He has been the CTO for multiple companies in the analytics space. Dr. Nandakumar is passionate about melding complex technologies to create elegant solutions. He works closely with a number of startups and early stage companies in an advisory role, specifically in the intelligent systems space.

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jack porter

CEO, Razorthink.Inc

Jack Porter is a serial entrepreneur, successfully exiting six acquisitions and two IPOs during his career. He has gained over 30 years of experience working in technology startups with extensive expertise in supercomputers, sophisticated analytics and advanced mathematics. He has applied his work in several vertical industries such as financial services, pharmaceuticals and technology. Porter has published three books on technology innovation, often speaks at conferences and trade events, and has written for magazines such as Infoworld, CIO Magazine and eWeek. Porter has also mentored many startups, several that went on to be very successful.